Happy July! I trust you’re celebrating the 4th of July weekend and realizing, despite the current mess, we live in the greatest country in the world. So, stop bitching. Be grateful. I certainly am.

My favourite MILF, Ms. Nisa, will be joining me from 3 July for about a week of decadence and debauchery. Get in touch directly ASAP if you’ve been a guest or send in the reservation form; screening and deposit mandatory.

Made it to Le Manoir, in Bedford Corners, a few minutes from exit 4 of 684. Stunning, secluded, ultra private. What more does an over-stressed man need? We may always incorporate a little fetish S/m into the erotic, sensual milking table massage experience where dangling and penetration are always included if requested!

Now is the time to order a custom video, where I speak directly to you and we’ll craft it together. Please email your favourite Vamp at madamenicole@gmail.com

Tell me exactly what you’d like. It can be vague and let me totally improvise or it can be specific. I’ll reply with a price, you’ll pay according to deposit protocol, but it will be paid in its entirety and then delivered to you within 72 hours. I just love doing naughty, sexy videos, so nothing is beyond limits! So wicked, so decadent. So powerful for me making you surrender and pleasure me, your Goddess whilst I do unspeakable things with my toys you only thought of in your dreams. And it will be so surprising and hot! Just request. I’m hot thinking about it!

Local guests have even ordered some to keep me with them when they’re not able to physically visit and of course it’s great for you far away wankers.

New, exclusive content from several vids and photo shoots in my paid sites only so click on my link and sign up!

I’ll be in Detroit 14-16 July, for Kid Rock. Jealous? I bet. Not taking guests morning of departure for HAMU. I may meet for a brunch on Saturday if I think you’re deserving. So send in the form and be specific.

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry with Hollywood Vampires, 30 July, in bumfuk Woodstock, so please don’t even think of trying to visit that day. HAMU before departure.

I’m in the mood for newbies so find the balls and reach out. You won’t be disappointed.

Your favourite Westchester milking table MILF,