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Erotic Massage and body rubs Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach

I’m Mama Nikki of Miami, Florida and Worldwide

I’m a sexy, mature, sensual, exotic, erotic masseuse who truly enjoys what I do; giving pleasure and relaxation to you with a long slow erotic massage. I’m positive, friendly, worldly, well educated and understanding of your unique needs. I’m able to connect with you in an intimate way which is truly satisfying for us both. I recognize this is really necessary at this time especially when isolation and lack of personal touch is the norm. We all need the touch of another, feeling someone caress our flesh tenderly, keeping us on edge with an erotic massage and likewise, running your fingertips over a warm, sensual curvy mature body. I’m built to thrill and dressed to kill.

Mature and Sensual, Erotic Massage, Miami

At this time of my life, I know exactly what makes you tick, I know how to get past your hard exterior and delve deep into your soul to give you the best erotic massage session ever. I’m comfortable with these explorations, therefore, you’ll feel quite comfortable in my presence. This is what it’s like when you’re with me: comforting, relaxing, enjoyable and thrilling. We’ll both have a great time. That’s what it’s all about now, isn’t it? I love sharing my knowledge and years of experience with you, in a quiet, intimate setting.

I have the experience and confidence of a woman that has experienced much and traveled the world to share this with you. Perhaps you’d like to try something a bit different; not so run-of-the-mill. You don’t know how to approach the significant other for the usual fears. I’m here to share a heightened level of sensuality with you because I’m truly understanding. Truly understanding of another side to you that you may not want to expose to just anyone. Confide in me, I won’t judge you, I’ll simply explore sympathetically with you.

I take great care with new guests assisting them on this new exciting path. This will be our little secret. I keep everything I learn about you in the strictest confidence.

This will be
our little secret…

Treat yourself well and indulge yourself in perhaps a truly guilty pleasure.

I would like to help you unwind.

Need that welcomed stress relief? Feel refreshed and alive again. I’ll get that bounce back in your step. You’re special to me. I would like to pamper and tease you beyond distraction. Would you like to be pampered? I mean really, really, decadently pampered beyond bliss? Into a trance? Please be aware that the milking table erotic massage is a dalliance for a select few who consider themselves quite special, henceforth, treat themselves accordingly. It all comes at a price, my pet. What cost is bliss, anyway?

Let my intuitive, empathetic hands transcend you to sheer bliss where the monotony of everyday life disappears and you’ll feel alive, aware and totally rejuvenated to sheer ecstasy and never-before-felt decadent , blissful sensations right here in my opulent home.

I have a gentle, sensual, erotic touch with supernatural sublime energy that will send shivers of delight throughout your body, deep into your soul. I’ve perfected an oh so erotic milking table erotic massage that’s totally bespoke, which means customised for you. The time will fly when you’re in my comforting care. You’ll be refreshed, renewed and revitalized!

This is the premiere experience that has evaded you for so long and you’ve finally found it. Treat yourself well and indulge yourself in perhaps a truly guilty pleasure. You deserve it. Don’t you? This will be an unforgettable experience of sensuality that you’d love to share with friends. Will you? Do ask about incentives.

Where and When in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach

You can rest assured that on visiting me you’ll be entering a very smart, bright, spacious and immaculate home. I’d like to warmly invite you into my home in a secluded, canopied street in the most elite waterfront area of Miami. Guest hours are from 11 am to 5 pm, daytime only, weekends included, for new guests. Return guests may schedule for any time, from very early to later on in the evening within reason. It’s best to schedule a day in advance for an appointment as I’m usually very booked.

The Day of Your Erotic Massage Appointment

Once welcomed into my Miami-Dade home, we’ll discuss in-depth what you’d like to experience that day and any details you might have mentioned via email or telephone.

When in a softly-lit, inviting room, seated in cozy chairs, I’ll ask you to reiterate your desires for today’s encounter. I’d also like to learn your limitations. So if you’re a newbie, I’d like you to give this some thought in advance. If you’d like to add any background information that will be useful to me to produce the best experience ever, now is the time. I would love for this to be extremely memorable for us both.

Fly Me To You

Would you like me to visit you, in your city? I’d love to visit you for an extended visit. Business class, 4 or 5 Star hotel, my time and any expenses will be incurred by you. 50% deposit required. The table stays home, it’s just me baby!

fly me to you companion nikki west
fly me to you companion nikki west
fly me to you companion nikki west
fly me to you companion nikki west
fly me to you companion nikki west
Milking Table Mama

Online Naughty Talk and Phone Sex

I’m offering online naughty talk and phone sex, FaceTime and Skype naughty live video. Super sexy personal and customised just for you. Isn’t this so hot? In the privacy of your home, office or car? How naughty is that? I’ve had two car clients already this week! Facetime or Skype : $140/half hour, $180 per hour. Phone calls : $100/half hour. Cash app to: $NicoleSilverman Download Cashapp Apple Pay: 914-433-6766 Bitcoin: Ask for my Bitcoin address Amazon Gift Card: Buy Now Please email to and we’ll set it up! Lots of fun! Naughty fun, my pet. Oh yes, very naughty fun. How I love this! Check out the Niteflirt link below for further ways to contact me at a distance.


Do you need to talk to me? To hear my velvety, sultry voice? Then, by all means darling, call me! It may be for an in-depth conversation about an upcoming session or, perhaps, just a naughty chat to get you through the day.

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Mama Nikki’s Blog

5 Star Review for Milking Table Mama

From time to time I will ask particularly eloquent clients to send me a review of their time with me, Milking Table Mama. Following is one such review - thanks Tim, it was pleasure to meet you! Nikki, I mean every word I say. You were (are) perfect. Our session today...

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Hey Miami!

STOP THE PRESS: GUESS WHAT? I MOVED TO MIAMI!! As of February, I will be accepting discerning gentlemen in my beautiful abode based on a secluded, canopied street in the most elite waterfront area of Miami. Interested and want to find out more? Click Here I’ll have a...

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Sensual massage, private upmarket home in Westchester

Happy December! I trust you had a relaxing and tasty Thanksgiving weekend. I certainly did; it was quite scrumptious indeed.  For a limited time only, I’m offering the 90 minute magic milking table sensual massage from 9 AM-12 PM weekdays for $200 less than the...

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On occasion, I’ve been asked for my wish list. Thank God I can provide nicely for myself. What I’d like you to do is help a rescue that I believe in. Susan and Charles Machin, two retired barristers from Manchester who live near Marrakech, Morocco have taken on and cared for donkeys and other large animals that have been discarded after being overworked. Now, during the pandemic, people have been abandoning their beasts in record numbers, some being left to die on the side of the road. Susan, Charles and the staff of hard-working dedicated local men along with a vet are doing what they can to save these wonderful souls. I help them as much as I can. Would you please help them, too? When you send a gift, please tell me so I may do something really special for you. Blessings.   DONATE HERE Please tell me when you’ve donated so I may give you something special. Remember my pet, this is tax deductible.


Madame Nicole was one of the best experiences I have ever had! She was easy to contact, honest and fair.

She was on time and met me outside of her stunning Victorian house. The inside is as beautiful as the outside and her space was perfectly clean and set the mood ideally.

Nicole is more than I ever could have hoped for! Beautiful, flirtatious, fun and sexy all in one!

I would highly recommend.


I have visited a number of times, and each has been fantastic. She tailors the sessions very well and just exudes sensuality with everything she does.

Very sexy clothing and demeanour. Beyond the wonderful service, she’s also very smart and a delight to talk with. Her education and class help brings things to another level.

Her home is fantastic and exudes almost as much class as she does. She took her time to understand what I wanted, and made sure to hit all the right buttons in fantastic way.

Highly recommended.


My time with Nikki was truly the best two hours of my life, and I’ve had some very good hours! She has an exquisite and educated touch and approach to her work unlike anyone else I’ve ever seen. I appreciated that she was open to discussion and communication. Her friendly demeanor and apparent interest in the uniqueness of each client set her decidedly apart. She’s a wonderful find and this has been confirmed in repeat visits to her beautiful home. William
Madame Nicole is a talented, imaginative massage artist and a wickedly fun Dom. From mild to intense, she can dial in most any level of touch or pain and work out whatever kink you desire. I always leave there feeling refreshed and wandering what my next visit may have in store for me. Most recently, Madame Nicole invented a totally new scenario where I was the object of her imaginative den of naughty massage workers we called “The Spa-Boy Interview”. It was pure nirvana, Madame Nicole style.


Remember, my pet, all rates are in exchange for time & companionship.

A 30% deposit is required for all appointments; no exceptions.

Cash app to: $NicoleSilverman Download Cashapp
Apple Pay: 914-433-6766
Bitcoin: Ask for my Bitcoin address
Amazon Gift Card: Buy Now


A deposit may be transferred to another date with more than 48 hours notice. If you cancel within that window, you’ll forfeit the deposit. No refunds.

Same-day appointments are generally not available for the simple reason I book up well in advance. So, if you still want to try for the same day, please have all your ducks in a row on the inquiry form and tell your provider references I’ll be contacting them and require a quick response.

I don’t offer one-hour appointments.

Gratuities are never expected but graciously appreciated

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