Welcome 2021

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I’d love to wish you a better, healthier, happier and more prosperous New Year. Yes, this past year has been very trying, to put it mildly, and for the simple fact that I’m sending this to you and you are reading it is a great thing! I’d like to thank all my wonderful guests, the ones that did have a chance to visit me as well as the ones that visited me on FaceTime, Skype phone calls and texting. I have to look at the positives and it was fun. You, guests, made it very doable and enjoyable and I trust I reciprocated.

We proved we can all get through this together as we have done. So I’d like to thank you all as I have done individually, and I’d like to invite you back to the Manor.

Please be a dear and bear with me through the endless repetition of counties; I haven’t lost my mind! It’s for the search engines my pet. I will reach more sexy men that need a sensual massage in Westchester County, a relaxing sensual massage in Fairfield, a sensual massage in Hudson County, and an oh-so sensual massage in Hudson Valley, a well-deserved sensual massage in Long Island and a very needed sensual massage in Bergen County.

I look forward to hearing from YOU soon!