The Wait

The website was being whipped up nicely by the web designer and she patiently awaited photos and video that would be shot by me on the table. I didn’t have the table. It took forever to get here and the distributor didn’t answer any correspondence. I was about to cancel when I received an alert that it was expected in a few days. ‘Rona was in the air. What an inconvenient moment to start a new concept. So, many more days passed and the delivery was here!

Well, the milking table finally arrived. Just in time for the ‘Rona. I was to have a well-built friend pose on it for website photos. It was too late. I didn’t want any guests bringing “cooties” by the time it got here. So, it sat. I sat. Guests waited. I couldn’t have guests but the guests who either heard about it from me or saw the “What’s new and newsworthy” on social media were all anxiously expecting it but I couldn’t receive any guests.

So, I’m so ready now and I’ll be taking reservations very soon! Do read through the website and submit the reservation form my pet