Sensual Erotic Massage Benefits

Especially on a Milking Table Erotic Massage Table

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What makes an actual sensual erotic massage so breathtaking? I’ve compiled these from my clients gushes after a massage and my observations. So these are just a few of the reasons why a sensual erotic massage is so amazing.

#1 Decreased Stress

During massage, and especially during a sensual, erotic massage, endorphins are released. These “happy” hormones help reduce the presence of the stress hormone cortisol while also reducing adrenaline and norepinephrine. (Those are the ones responsible for feeling always “on” and managing the “fight or flight” response.)

#2 Improved Sleep

If insomnia has become your best bud, it’s time to kick it to the curb! Sensual massage therapy can improve your ability to fall and stay asleep by slowing down the frenetic activity in your nervous system. More restorative sleep can also improve other aspects of your life, including reducing pain and improving your sex life. With another person or yourself. Not joking here.

#3 Reduce Anxiety

Just in case you’re wondering, stress and anxiety are not the same things, although they are often experienced hand-in-hand. If you find yourself constantly anxious or worried, especially without necessarily having a valid “reason” for the fretting, that’s anxiety. Join the club. It’s become a part of our existence. However, a hot, sensual, sexy, edging massage helps promote relaxation of both the mind and body and can and will relieve anxiety. A calm environment set with quiet, peaceful music, relaxing scents and softly lit, like my chambre, will do wonders to relieve anxiety in both the short- and long-term. That’s where I go to chill and relax out of all the 19 or so rooms on this property. It’s so calming, sensual and relaxing. I’ve chosen the colours very carefully so the atmosphere induces a calming space immediately.

#4 Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

If you’ve injured a joint or muscle, I’ll help you relieve tightness, cramps, knots and pain. Most muscles, not all. If you’ve overworked THAT one, just let it rest for a few days! Or maybe you just have achy, sore muscles from a good workout but need some tender care and relief. Arthritis, other inflammatory diseases and even just daily activities can cause pain and soreness in muscles repetitively used. A sensually trained masseuse like me will get you back to feeling mobile safely and quickly with my special plant-based and legal elixirs.

#5 Increase Focus

Ever find yourself easily distracted? Massage can help rein in the ability to focus, whether your attention is needed on work, a book you’re trying to read or for staying tuned in and focused on a conversation. I also must stress drinking more water, along with whatever else you imbibe, but water and lots of it is mandatory. Distraction and difficulty focusing may be a result of an elevated heart rate. And while there may be a million legitimate reasons for your heart rate to be elevated or for you to be distracted, massage can slow your body and consequently slow your mind. This is a fact. As I guide you to take deep, relaxing breaths and relish in the release of muscular tension, your mind quiets and you find your ability to focus improves. Fact, not hyperbole.

#6 Immunity and Healing Boost

Your body is amazing. It regenerates cells, regrows bones, wards off illness and disease and recovers from injuries. It’s magical, isn’t it? But like most amazing machines, sometimes it gets clogged and slows down or becomes less efficient. A hot sensual massage by a mature masseuse sends messages throughout the body that can stimulate healing and increase immune response throughout the body as well as improve the lymphatic system. We all need this.

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Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore

Regardless of what sensual or healing benefit or combination you seek, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed in the immaculate, safe and comfortable environment provided at The Manor, my lovely, peaceful, elegant, upmarket, impeccable home. Now, take a deep breath and allow me, the expert, to help you unwind. Please read my site thoroughly and be a dear and send in the reservation form. If you’re not comfortable with the little form, please send the pertinent info to me via email: so I can start you on your way to a blissful, hot and sensual restoration.

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What to keep in mind when selecting an erotic masseuse:

Do I love what I do? Of course! The power to heal without M.D. after my name and have you skipping out of here with the look of the cat that ate the canary means the world to me.

Do I love keeping you on the edge the entire visit? Absolutely. And for those with sensitive issues, they’re simple to me. I have the gift. Edging is hot.

Do I love pegging?

I know you need it and I love healing you in this way. So hot. So naughty. So damned necessary. I get it. No additional fee when I peg you, my sweet.

Knowledge; it’s been a part of me forever. I’ve been a world class Domme since the 70’s, yes, back in the day when it was so underground and secretive you had to be referred. Our guests were actors, rock stars, financiers and those who probably would have died if someone knew they were having the time of their lives with me and my friends to heal them and return them to centre. I still keep secrets of who visits me now and will take the secrets to my grave. So, you see, privacy is tantamount and I have more to lose than all of you combined. So, don’t worry. You’re not that important in that way. Not to me. I want to rock your world and blow your mind.

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Which brings me to naughty.

Who likes to be a little naughty? Who NEEDS a little naughty? But will you actually Google a dominatrix or escort? Probably not. That’s a little too much for you right now. I get it it. So, we’ll incorporate a little naughty into this fabulous sensual bodyrub in Westchester, a delicious sensual bodyrub in Fairfield, a decadent sensual bodyrub in Hudson Valley, a mouth-watering bodyrub in Long Island, a tasty bodyrub in Bergen County and an epicurean delight bodyrub in New York City, NYC.

Perhaps I’d like to tie you down to the milking table and tease the hell out of you. Or perhaps we can pretend I tied you down. It depends on your comfort level, of course.

Would you like to have some dirty talk with this experience?

I love it! It’s so naughty. I’ll make you blush. Really. Would you like to do a little roleplay with words? I could be the sister-in-law who always teases you with my looks and watches your stiffy grow. Now I have you all alone. Imagine!

Or I’m the secretary that finally rewards you for being the great boss and supervisor. Or, I’ll put you in your place. You need it; you know you do. You’ll beg to kiss my buttocks so I won’t tell the board members what a perv you are. I’ll make you do unspeakable things. Things that’ll keep you awake tonight just imagining. I am very, very naughty and I have an unlimited imagination. You can tell me your dirty little secret too, in the additional info section on the reservation form and perhaps we can make it happen.

Remuneration and compensation

I’ve decided 90minutes isn’t sufficient for a new client so it will be a two hour minimum the first time. If you’d like subsequent visits to be 90, that’s fine. Most of the time guests wish to extend and sometimes it’s not possible due to scheduling so I’m making it a standard for the first visit.

This is not for you if you’re on a budget; go to another provider. If money is no object and you treat yourself well are you’re seeking the ultimate, guiltless enjoyment, then I’m your lady. Whether it’s an erotic sensual massage in Westchester, an erotic sensual body rub in Fairfield, an erotic sensual body rub in Hudson Valley, an erotic sensual massage in Bergen County, an erotic sensual bodyrub in Long Island, a truly sensual bodyrub in New York City, NYC, or a crazy sensual massage in Boston or New Hampshire. 

And something else that can and has been incorporated into sensual massage sessions: ABDL mommy has some news! New nappies from the UK! Check my other site for details:

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