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From time to time I will ask particularly eloquent clients to send me a review of their time with me, Milking Table Mama. Following is one such review – thanks Tim, it was pleasure to meet you!

Nikki, I mean every word I say. You were (are) perfect. Our session today was beyond anything I ever expected or have experienced before. Let me tell you why:

1. You listened. You asked direct questions and when i answered them, you really listened and then incorporated them into our session. That was so significant–too many have a set program or routine they follow, and every piece does not please every client, including me!

2. Your touch was delightfully, incredibly, gentle, erotic, soft, loving and perfect!! Perhaps this was a result of listening to what I told you, or the style of touch you start sessions with (I am sure you could also do a firmer, longer stroke and touch, but that is not what I need!). 

3. I loved how you started with a delightful slow, gentle touch of my entire body, and kind of teased and then started to build me up. You did not jump immediately to fast, harsh, strong strokes. This added a great deal of excitement to the session and helped to spread my arousal.

4. Your personality is perfect. You are friendly and accepting and knowledgeable about what men need and want. It was wonderful to talk with you about your experiences and life–you clearly are a cultured, refined, classy lady who is also really good at pleasing men! I think we could honestly have a three- hour session just to talk! I also loved talking at the start of the session, and your sharing what some other men also experience. 

5. My penis thanks you. Sincerely. You get it. That is the root of my being, and I love my penis and the pleasure it gives me. When i shared those thoughts, you got it, you understood and confirmed it. Not only did your touch and gentleness really please my penis and make it feel simply incredible, but you were very accepting of that. When I told you I loved you looked at my erect, hard penis, you did not skoff at me or dismiss that feeling. It is real and something I could never ever have expressed for most of my life. But the sharing of pleasure, the verbalizing of what I liked, what we were doing, and my penis pleasure added to the experience, and, as I told you, I loved you looking at my erect penis as you pleasured it. That was such a turn on!

6. Time. I will tell you the time went far too quickly. The session ended far too soon!! Thank you for extending the time, but the fact that the time passed so quickly means it was enjoyable and meaningful, pleasurable and delightful!! Next time perhaps we can do 4 hours!!

7. I will certainly be back!! This was such a vital, needed experience for me. I believe most people, most men, need some time like this to relax, let go, and experience raw, wild, blissful pleasure with no worries, no guilt or shame or doubt. Add that to the sensual experience, the bliss and joy, and this was simply divine.

8. This one may sound crazy, but I believe it. I felt such pleasure with you today. I allowed (and you did as well) myself to relax, lay back and feel unimaginable pleasure. Now, hours later, i am still tingly, still happy, still blissed. During the session, i felt such arousal, then such love, first for my penis and body, then for you and for the entire experience–and for all living beings, and the universe. I know that sounds crazy but experiencing such pleasure does become a spiritual experience. I feel so blessed, so lucky, so…speechless!

Thank you, Nikki, you are perfect, wonderful gifted, special. May you enjoy this holiday season and also find the pleasure you have given me in your life (thank you also for letting me touch you and accepting that–it added so much and felt great!).

I hope to see you next month, and to also keep in touch!!

Kisses and hugs, 

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