Memorial Day Weekend, 28-31 May, 2021

Typically, the last Monday in May we celebrate the wonderful and selfless American men and women who have served and given their lives in our US Armed Forces. It’s more like a weekend now, especially as we exit and emerge from the nasty COVID cocoon to which we’ve all been imprisoned. Be proud. I’m sure we’ve all had loved ones who have served. Thank them silently if they’re with the Lord or verbally when you talk to them. Damn, that’s one set of balls. Flags at half-mast. Respect. 

As of February, I will be accepting discerning gentlemen in my beautiful abode based on a secluded, canopied street in the most elite waterfront area of Miami.
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Do something nice for yourself. God, and I, know you need it. This has been one wild roller coaster ride for anyone on the planet and we really took a hit in the Northeast. But, hell, we’re New Yorkers for the most part, and we can dish it as well as take it. And then some. Be proud. Do something grand for yourself or someone else. How about a gift certificate for one of your mates? How about one for you? I know you deserve it. 

Hell, I have people flying in from all over the country now that they can, to visit me. So hot. A great meal somewhere, some shopping, for me, of course, and then a hot sensual milking table massage at my luxurious home in Upper Westchester. Perhaps to a local inn. Then I send them home refreshed, rejuvenated and alive! 

Backrubs are great. Having someone rub your shoulders when you’re sore or have had a long day is nice, sure. A highly erotic, sensual professional massage from a worldly-trained masseuse is an entirely different level of wonderful.

Yes, I ran away for a few days to get you some new hot photos. I love the ones I have already and they were boring me to death hence I can imagine how you all felt. So I flew private from HPN to OPF (Opa Locka, Miami) courtesy of a Papi who’s very special. A couple of days in Key Largo and then Miami, rewarded us with great photos. I had delicious meals and great company. It was too quick. It was so hot and so much fun! Shopping at Bal Harbor, dining at Byblos twice, dockside dining at Monty’s Raw Bar, seeing friends at Sugar on Brickell, and the hairdresser, masseuse, esthetician at the St. Regis Coconut Grove made it even better. I’ve been twice vaccinated so it was time to break out! And of course fabulous Cuban brekkys and cafesitos. God, I love Miami. I trust you’ll enjoy the new photos! Also, see more on Twitter @theMadameNicole and Instagram @MamaNikkiWest I’ll slowly release more!

Do you know any terribly sensual ladies, above 35, who’d like to join me on my journey? I’m looking for a select few who enjoy my passion, enthusiasm and delight in entertaining guests. Experience not necessary; positive attitude is mandatory. Please pass along my email. They must be mature, have manners, a low-key, hi-end auto and a desire to have ridiculous fun! 

And something else that can and has been incorporated into sensual massage sessions: ABDL mommy has some news! New nappies from the UK! Check my other site for details: 

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So, my friend, thanks for reading my latest update and I’ll have another one on the way soon with outcall info! New clients must have recent upscale provider references, send deposit electronically ONLY, and sometimes I request a government issued photo ID. Safety is paramount for both of us. You’re coming into my private, upmarket home in Westchester, near Fairfield County and the Hudson Valley, not a commercial building with others lurking in the shadows.  Your info is discarded after we meet the first time. I don’t gossip. I’m too busy for that nonsense. And, speaking of busy and loving it, please book at least a week ahead to obtain your first or second choice of date/time. You may try the same day, but…

Looking forward to having you visit soon!



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