March News for Mama Nikki

Happy March! It’s almost Spring! The daffodil greens are a’popping so it won’t be long now!

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So I don’t bore the hell out of you with this month’s escapades twice. 

Do you need an anonymous cuddler right about now? Mama’s here, baby boy. 

Would you love to begin you time with me having a mutual bubbly, soapy shower as shown in the video? Or a bubble bath?  What a wonderful and relaxing way to start a sensual visit. 

Then we’ll sit in big comfy chairs and have a chat discussing what you’d like to experience, with a glass of bubbly, of course. I’ll even prepare a bespoke, (custom) charcuterie board so you’ll maintain your strength during our 3 hour visit or longer. I know you and your male member can handle it! You can confide in me then or as we progress how absolutely naughty and dirty you need in this adventure. 

I’m in control of this sensational, sensuous experience, so there’s no need to indicate to me that you have little or no control over certain members of your body and you think you need a short visit. I own all of you: mind, body, spirit and emotions for the time you’re with me and perhaps for hours afterward! Consider this a stay-cation, several hours of well-deserved pampering, edging, catering to your neglected male-member and a major de-stress in these trying times. 

Be aware, be very aware, of my imitators; from one’s that steal my copy, (words in ads and sites) to one’s that think they’ll learn from videos or asking my clients for hints for my particular, engaging, titillating style that I’ve developed over many years of actual practice and true love of giving you exactly what you want and need. I gain profound joy, happiness and fulfilment when we connect on a superior level and I deliver what I profess to enjoy. I love exchanging dirty little secrets with you and perhaps learning new specialties. I’m quite open to new options so tell me. 

Would you like a nice cuddle with Mama after your shower or bath? Do you need the warmth and feel of a mature female with a voluptuous body engulfing yours? Do you need to touch Mama, stroke her, touch her and you know it will be reciprocated in the most caring and sensual way ever. 

I’m looking forward to a wonderful relaxing time with you!


Mama Nikki

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