Latest News and Happy May!

Hi there!

Happy May!

I’ll be going online for exclusive photo and video content to be purchased and downloaded if you prefer. Custom orders directly to me are also accepted. All won’t appear in newsletters, sites, or social media. 

I’ll be in lovely Greenwich, with the erotic milking table massage in tow, the month of May, then to a new home in Bedford in June. 

Of course, I’ll have return and new visitors in real-time and I’m doing the online for those that can’t be with me in person or locals in need of a “pick me up”😘

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the latest photo shoots:

I’m not going to even tease you with the hot vids. You’ll have to click on the links!

Here are some sites where we may connect and you may see really hot videos & photos with me. I’m still working on adding plenty of content so do check back regularly and I’ll keep you updated with emails!

You’ll have exclusive previews of new photo shoots and hot, steamy XXX video shoots that will never go on social media or my site, for a nominal monthly fee. I’ll also take custom video requests. It’s been so much fun, and so hot, I may add, to do this new form of getting close to you. Very, very close. I know some of my loyal guests and fans live in the far corners of this world, so this immediately brings us closer! God bless technology. 

Here’s the list:

Some may be up and running. Be patient my pet! They’ll all be, soon! 

What I did in March:

I took an extensive, intensive 18-hour concealed carry handgun course one weekend at Blueline Tactical  in Elmsford. Ask for Liz. Best instructor ever!

I wasn’t looking forward to the snow forecast so ililiSit! and I were taken in with open arms at the Hyatt in Greenwich for a week. I highly recommend it to you or relatives and friends that are visiting. They do love having her back and make us feel very welcome. Like I do with new or returning guests! 

The traveling shoes were polished so, after a week at the Manor, I decided to fly with ililiSit! to a relaxing week via @fly_xo to our fave- The Biltmore in Coral Gables, Miami. Our other home. We love it. They love us. I hate leaving but we have things to do in NY; especially putting the finishing touches on my new online escapades!

April was calm; great guests, some very hot ones, zooms and labs learning the new IT for my field and making vids and custom vids. Too cool. 

Back story: I did one-2-one video chat years ago, for years, when I lived abroad and was able to stay in touch from anywhere and you could virtually be with me globally! I loved it so we’re going this way again. Technology has changed significantly so I’m still learning but it’s a great learning experience and I’ll love it! So will you!  

What’s on the horizon: Kid Rock in Detroit, the Motor City, 14,15 July. A serious booking with a deposit may get me there a day earlier or keep me a day later but I’d like to make my visit short and sweet and not wait around for a “maybe”.

Hollywood Vampires in Bethel, NY. All you hippies know it as where Woodstock was held so it’ll be a real trip for me to return since 1969 with the family at that time. Can’t wait to see my almost favorite Capt. Jack, aka, Johnny Depp, good ol’ Alice Cooper, and Steve Perry. Will be a blast!

As always, all screening and scheduling, and questions are done through my website.

Whips and kisses,

Milking Table Mama Nikki

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