Happy Valentine’s month! Treat yourself, my pet. 

Do you want to know the origins of me and the sensual milking table massage experience? It all started around 2007 when I returned from being stationed in the Middle East, in lovely Westchester, in a private home on The Long Island Sound. I had Domme clients who loved my privacy and elegant ways. And I knew from the 70’s. They found me. 

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Sooooo, one lovely older fellow from back then contacted me and was quite thrilled to know I was back. He wasn’t happy with the slim pickings, the fakes or driving into Manhattan. He visited once a week for what I refer to as “a tie and tease”. He was only in his 50’s, had a stroke and it was a bitch for him to climb the stairs but he was proud and did it. I had to help with socks and shoes. Otherwise, he was fine. 

After about a month he said, “Madame Nicole, would you please massage me?” Oy vey, iš mir. What do I know from massage I asked him. He replied, “I know you have massages when you travel, so please just do to me what makes you feel well.” Ok, here we go. I went down stairs for the extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, yep, and proceeded to do my magic. A big guess, actually. He loved it. He gave me a yuge gratuity and said, “May I visit for this twice next week?” Of course. He was such a sweet, appreciative man. After a few visits, as he was leaving, he said, “Madame Nicole, you’re doing the men of Westchester a vast disservice.” My eyes popped out of my head. The tell was there. I asked for an explanation. He said so many men would die for your sensual touch, your warmth and graciousness. Please think about advertising this for them. I know you like sharing your gifts and this is absolutely one of them. 

Wow. All I could do was nod my head, give him a big hug and double kiss on the cheeks. Face. Of course. 

After a lot of thought and research and constant reinforcement, I went forward. I’ve met the loveliest men I know that I wouldn’t have met because they’d die first before looking in the BDSM section of a directory and google wasn’t widely used at the time. And so many of them have crossed over from the basic massage to the naughty, tie me down, please, Mama, and enter me Ma’am, because they realise I’m an expert, knowledgeable, gentle and only under mutual consent do I grant them the time of their life that they’ve never experienced at home or with another provider. 

Then I read about the milking table. Impossible to get one. I thought it would be great for them for the fact that the family jewels wouldn’t be scrunched. When I had massages, they had to roll up towels to put around my voluptuousness because I got squished. So, I got it. 

I ordered one in November of 2019 from China. I didn’t know what shitshow was coming down the line. It sat at a port here or there for months and finally arrived the end of March 2020. I had asked one of my manly, fine-tuned, muscular collection if I could photograph him on it to add the pics to the site. I was in total lockdown 1 March so that went by the wayside and I fiddled around in other ways to enlighten and gratify myself. See online distractions in site 😁. 

Fast forward to now. I’m bringing so much joy and relaxation to my pets, especially if I add a bubble bath, warming stones, (hot rocks as I call them), Thai herbal shoulder stress relief, a special antioxidant body scrub made from cacao nibs from the island of St. Lucia followed by a mineral-rich mud mask from deep in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. We’ll have a naughty, decadent and purifying time in combination with the milking table massage that you owe to yourself at least once in a lifetime. 

All at no added extra charge, said the spider to the fly. I’m not greedy; God has been good to me. I love making you better; healing you. 

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