Happy Roctober! Let’s keep it rocking baby!

I just adore the Autumn season; crispy weather, chilly mornings, sunny and sometimes windy days. It’s titillating and tantalising, just like me! And it’s also time for you to have some ME time. Read on…

Magical news!

I’ll be in Nashville 11-14 November for the green Berets Veteran’s Day concert at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock ‘n’ Roll Steakhouse. Join me! I’ll also be accepting a few guests as I have limited availability.  So many dining experiences, so much music! Woohoo! Such a great cause, too. I come from a military background so it’s quite important to me. And what a way to support them? 

Here’s a thought: military, ex or current, and can prove it, will get 10% off any full price visit for the month of November. How’s that for giving back, boys?

December plans include 15-19 December to Miami! I can’t wait for fun, food and a hot photo shoot! And the beach, of course. Again, limited availability and longer sessions prioritized.

I had a blast seeing Kid Rock (again, yes, again) front row, live in Homdel, NJ recently. It was great and I made some wonderful new friends! Follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds to see where I’ll be and perhaps we can meet for a drink or be next to each other for a wicked show!

I’m really enjoying my life back at The Manor and I’ve had some great friends join me for sessions. And of course I love the desirable, sensual one on one sessions on the exciting, sensational milking table. I have a special offer still in play for a limited time only so please check the website that suits you best!

You might want to consider an Autumn splurge for yourself and take me up on the Winds of Change option. So decadent, so mind blowing. For us both!

Then I suggest you check the new merchandise drop!

Get closer to me, my pet. Global shipping if you live in a far off land. And of course USA shipping if you can’t find your way to me for the most luscious experience of your life! Be bold and wear one of my shirts or keep our dirty little secret and get something for the office. Be the envy of all your friends! Props to those who send me a pic wearing or holding my merch. Face can be blurred out or, if you like, I’ll publish it for your advertising/promo needs.

Have a great month and I can’t wait to enjoy your private company,

Hugs and kisses,
Milking Table Mama Nikki