Happy August! 

I’ve been told I have a cut glass mouth and almost chiselled lips that one’s reminded of the film actresses of the 40s.

mature masseuse in Westchester County New York

Luscious? Delectable? Delicious?

ililiSit! and I made it safely back to HPN. 

So we camped out at the Greenwich Hyatt for almost 2 weeks awaiting the container to arrive in South Salem. A heartfelt thanks to all those that visited me and made my world rock!

My girlfriend Stephanie joined me sooo many times and we all had a blast. You know who you are. Thanks again. She’s around this month for more fun! Would you like to see more of her? Check the website, Instagram @mamanikkiwest or Twitter @the MadameNicole or TikTok @themadamenicole 

We commandeered a 95’ pirate ship, The Black Pearl, one night, and watched fireworks in Long Island Sound. Kid Rock belted it out over the calm sea as we sang our hearts out  Really rocked it. Really wicked. Available to charter with us. Great steaks, booze and fun below deck with a special client. Have you ever been restricted on a pirate’s bed and teased to near death by two exotic Italian women?

Another client invited us to St. Anne’s Italian feast in Norwalk. Too much fun!

We also were honoured to attend a charity run for those that have fallen sponsored by the Punishers of Westchester. They’re a motorcycle club comprised of law enforcement, corrections officers, ex-military and like-minded folks who ride hard, fast and tight. Keep up and stay up!  They’re quite lovely and always respectful. Please don’t tell them about the lovely comment! Look them up in your county as they always have family-friendly shindigs for a worthwhile cause and you might catch them on Instagram and by following me there @mamanikkiwest as I post their events. It’s always such a great cause and gives back. N’est pas?

I had a lovely dinner with a guest after a wicked milking table massage at Bartolo’s in Ridgefield recently. 

So what are you waiting for my sweet? Click here to send in the form to have a sensational visit you owe your poor, neglected self.

I’ll enrich you with my great vibes and stupendous energy. 

Kisses from South Salem,