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New York has much to offer including, of course, the most upmarket and exclusive erotic masseuse. I am an exclusive mature erotic masseuse and I have practised and refined my craft in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Just read on…

Do you desire the smart style and extravaganza of spending an interlude in a posh upmarket Westchester County residency? Just you and I? For hours and hours of a sultry decadent encounter to my pleasurable seduction, charms and wit? It’s time for a day-cation, my pet. If you’re having a hard time, pun intended, reading through this, click here now to make a reservation

You and I both know you deserve it, my pet. And very soon, too, my pet.

I know you’re at the breaking point with all the events of the past 18 months which seem to never end. I warmly invite you to disappear into my loin-quivering, sizzling world for a few hours to forget the mayhem and enjoy my special brand of opulence and decadence. I’ll transport you to a different place and time where sensual, exotic feelings that have been dormant for so long will slowly stir and rise up.   I’ll have you feeling like a kid again. Nervous and throbbing with anticipation is the way you’ll present yourself to me because you know this is what you need, what you crave, even for a short time. An exclusive massage or bodyrub with an upmarket erotic mature masseuse. And I’ll love it.    

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I know you need a big hug, as my voluptuous bosom engulfs your head with the warmth, kindness and nurturing necessary for you to know and to feel, everything’s going to be alright. Think: nurture, suckle, comfort.

Or do you desire and deserve a down and dirty romp doing and having done to you utterly, unspeakable things?   Things you only fantasise about when you get bored and really desperate to try something new? Afraid you might like it too much? Afraid you’ll get addicted to my sheer sensuality, sexuality and debauchery?

Then it’s definitely time to come to Mama, baby. As an erotic mature masseuse, I intuitively know how to scratch your itch, and do I love scratching it!  

The Summer is winding down and the winds of change will be blowing in soon.

Where will they blow you? Or will you continue to ignore the primal calling? Or will you stand up to the call, the need, for the decadent intimacy only a skilled, mature sensual woman will offer you in the privacy of her globally-curated furnished antique Manor home on over 9 wooded acres tucked quietly away? It’ll be our dirty little secret, n’est-ce pas? Would you like to know a bit more about me and why I will be your dirty little secret? And, oh Lord, why you’re mine as well?  

I’ve travelled the world and I’ve gained exotic knowledge to enhance and enlighten your visit with me.

I’ve learned how to give pleasures of the ways of the East when I lived on the fashionable side of the Bosporus overlooking the glimmering sea in Istanbul from an exotic, modern-day harem Madame in her tiny underground, a secretive oasis of pleasure.

I’ve learned wickedly naughty tricks of depravity from a gigolo in Tangiers, Morocco who serviced men and women. And sometimes both at once! Way too much fun, my pet. How do I know? Guess, my pet.

I’ve learned what it’s like to spend a long, slow afternoon or evening lounging poolside, tasting mouthwatering, juicy fruits, soft, silky cheeses and wonderful bubblies while being caressed by the sun and an intermittent breeze at a villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily. I’ll recreate this for you in the new wing of The Manor that has been expressly designed for this decadent pleasurable interlude.

Massage and Body rubs in Fairfield, Hudson County, Long Island, Bergen County and Westchester County

I’ll hypnotize you into a state of bliss with the milking table massage and you’ll rise and leave your body. Even if you’re tied down baby. It’s that heavenly. I’m an artist, a true connoisseur of the forbidden. An upmarket, exclusive, erotic mature masseuse. This is a part of me. Not a job. It’s my passion. I dare you.

Massage and Body rubs in New York

Massage and body rubs with me, New York. The best. And you know it. Brush off the cobwebs and open your wallet for the time of your life. This is for the select few that value their masculinity and peace of mind. And I’ll rock your world baby.

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She’s having so much fun here, she’s extended her stay again! And, Lordy, Lordy, have we been having nasty fun!

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