Erotic Massage and body rubs In Miami -Dade, Broward County, Florida

mature alpha female offering erotic massage in Miami

I’d like to wish a warm welcome to all new subscribers, especially those in Miami, Florida and those that might visit soon!

Come to my luscious oasis, The Garden of Eden, and indulge in sheer bliss where I’ll make your pain go away and you’ll forget about everything for a few hours in my satisfying, sensual company. 

I’ve settled in well and love Miami, the culture, the global cuisine and the great friends I’ve made so far. And, of course my Northern friends who’ve visited already! What a blast! 

My secluded, private, posh home, on a canopied, tree-lined lane is absolute Paradise. It’ll be just me and you; unless you’d like Ms. Nisa to join us as she’ll be returning from travels and be in Miami in March. Such hot fun! We’re so naughty! Wouldn’t you love a sensual duo with us?

double sessions with NISA in Miami, Florida

I know you’d love to try the milking table massage experience in Miami, you’d love to try edging, perhaps an “interior massage?” That’s code for…

Wouldn’t you love to try a little bondage whilst on the milking table? To be so utterly helpless as I tenderly and softly caress every inch of you and make you tingle like never before? Perhaps with a blindfold or do you wish to see my luscious curves? It’s all totally bespoke mi amour. Oh, and the edging, as I’ve already mentioned, I know, is so exquisite in this naughty position that you can’t resist my tender touch. 

Eventually, after prolonged teasing, if you like, I turn you over and your “bits and pieces” will fall graciously below. And throb madly, of course. I know you’ve dreamed about being touched in all those private naughty places where a mature, experienced lady knows exactly what to do to drive you to ecstasy. Wicked hot. 

Would you like to massage me? I’d love it! I know your need to touch as well as be touched is real, it’s primal, it’s necessary. And so hot!

Luxe hotel visits may be possible for an added fee and unfortunately, I can’t bring the table but will bring my tantalising imagination! 

Do you need a healing? Come to Mama, baby.

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Hugs & kisses,

Milking Table Mama Nikki

PS Ms. Ginger is available for solo sensual erotic massage on a very limited basis to my established guests only. Please email or text for details and scheduling.