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erotic massage in westchester NY

Happy April and thank you to all new subscribers! I trust all is well and you’re keeping up with my updates and Twitter @theMadameNicole and especially my IG feed, @mamanikkiwest for current and continuing news! 

I’m so enjoying my tropical secluded paradise oasis in Miami with all my new friends (guests). What a blessing. Join me soon! I’ve adjusted the prices on both sites to be equal for new dates and it’s really helping people that want a little of both worlds. 

A sensual massage, an exotic body rub, perhaps with some bondage on the preferred, spectacular milking table and perhaps a gentle prostate massage, or what I like to call “an interior massage.”

My garden is totally secluded so we may even have a hot massage or interlude outside! When was the last time you did that? I just love it personally. Wouldn’t you? Think about it, my pet. 

A sexy mutual sudsy bubble bath with me is always stimulating and delightful as well as the “Winds of Change” menu preference. Very, very hot! I can’t give details but you can surely use your imagination baby! 

Milking table massage or milking table body rub times are to be scheduled according to the drop-down menu on the reservation form at the advertised prices. If you’d like to visit at other times, there’s a surcharge but not for the Winds of Change, the Sail, or the Sleepover, of course. 

I’m having so much fun combining sessions and receiving massages and being worshipped by you! I love Miami! Y’all are great! I have permission to use that term now!

double sessions with Ms Nisa

Ms. Nisa will be available this month with me. Double the fun!

Many Floridians are not familiar with edging, pegging,  interior massages and my famous milking table massage.

Please check the website https://milkingtablemama.com/ for full descriptions and be sure to read the reviews and blogs, baby! 

ginger domme westchester

We can’t wait!

Nikki & Nisa



Winds of Change Interlude