About the Milking Table Experience

I have a beguiling, relaxed charm that radiates pleasantness and hospitality naturally. You’ll feel so at home here when you come to visit me for an erotic and thrilling milking table experience.

Milking Table Experience

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The Milking Table Experience

I would like to tell you a bit about the milking table experience. It is very erotic and naughty, partly because I know what I’m doing to excite you, I know how to make you so happy and I know how to relax as well as seduce you into the hottest edging experience. My subtle and delicate fingers will sweep all over you and make you tingle.

I may also incorporate a nice soothing muscle massage with unscented light oil if that’s what you desire. Or, as many have requested, just feel my magic touch until you can’t stand it anymore. When you’re so hot and ready to explode, I’ll turn you over on the milking table, taking out the centre part so your family jewels can fall through it safely and not be squished. Think about that for a minute: how cool is that? I know you’ve been to other massages and you just have to endure that huge package uncomfortably. So this is really different and comfortable! And so hot. When I spread your legs wide I have total access to slide my hand down between your butt cheeks over your balls and massage your throbbing cock. 

I don’t get under the table like the videos you’ve seen. I feel it’s a better experience for you this way and my guests all agree. If you’d like to entertain some light rim play whilst you’re in this very very vulnerable position, I will do so with a twice gloved and lubed finger to give you the ultimate prostate massage whilst massaging your madly pulsating member. If you’d like a vibrator used on you at this time it’ll happen. All for your pleasure. Very very possible. Because I know I have you so relaxed and so eager to take it and have your prostate massaged that you will explode!

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Announcement: I miss all of you in the Northeast so keep in touch via email blast or @mamanikkiwest on IG  for my brief visit this Summer to schedule a visit or two! 

MS. Nisa

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Looking forward to having you on my table with my fingers all over you,